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Rogue Drinking Water Partnership

We are a critical partner in the Rogue Drinking Water Partnership (RDWP), a collaborative partnership of local drinking water providers and organizations focused on protecting drinking water and source water.

Water flowing over rocks in a stream




This collaborative partnership has one main goal: to protect drinking water quality for the Rogue Basin community. 

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Current Partnership Initiatives:


Developing an Action Plan

An action plan is being written to identify short- and long-term high priority measures for protecting drinking water across the basin. This plan will include methods to protect water quality, support the creation of educational materials, and provide resources and financial support to enact the plan.


Developing a Geographic Response Plan

The plan will outline strategies and locations for protecting critical resources (e.g., drinking water intakes).  Resources will be protected by diversion, isolating/protecting critical resources, containing spills, skimming, and other methods.

Funding for the plan is provided by an Oregon Health Authority Grant.


Education & Outreach

Through social media, the website, and written materials, we aim to provide the public with fun and educational ways to learn about drinking water. Look forward to special efforts during Source Water Protection Week and 

National Drinking Water Week.

What is source water?

RDWP Collaborative Members

RDWP is comprised of drinking water providers and other key interest groups that represent a wide set of sectors and perspectives. Organizations can become members by adopting their MOA and regularly attending RDWP meetings and activities.

Drinking Water Providers

Other Organizations/Agencies

RDWP on Jefferson Public Radio

South Fork Little Butte Creek overhead



Featured Project:
South Fork Little Butte Creek River Mile 6.2

Enhancing fish habitat, increasing native plant diversity, and protecting drinking water on the largest RRWC project to date.

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