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South Fork Little Butte Creek
River Mile 6.2

Enhancing fish habitat, increasing native plant diversity, and protecting drinking water on the largest RRWC project to date.

Completed Restoration Actions




Acres of riparian rehabilitation


Strategic large wood placement locations


Miles of secondary channel enhancement 


Acres of pasture conversion back to floodplain forest

The High Priority Little Butte Creek Watershed

Little Butte Creek is a key source water location that contributes
drinking water for 150,000 members the Rogue Basin community.




Putting Water Back Into the Creek

By reconnecting a historical side channel, the 0.76-mile length of the creek will almost double in the winter, offering high-quality rearing habitat for juvenile fish of the threatened Coho Salmon. The amount of water from the flow restoration that will remain in the creek instead of being withdrawn for irrigation will provide critical cold water during the hot summer months. This project builds on the ongoing restoration work in South Fork Little Butte Creek, and the residents are excited and supportive of completing more collaborative ecological restoration in the coming years. 

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