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Elk Creek project from above

Award-winning Watershed Restoration


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How We Enhance Resilience

Restoration biologist directing restoration

Explore where we focus our ecological restoration, and the impact our our projects to date.

Ecological Restoration

Community partners planning project

Key collaborations that maximize our positive impact, while supporting the goals of our partners.



Explore an interactive map and learn more about dozens of projects throughout the Rogue River watersheds.

Braided channel drone view




Restoration benefits extend beyond stream health and protection of native fish




 And I love watching the project develop. I've loved watching the wildlife come back. We've seen beaver activity, we've seen otter come back into the creek which is so exciting. We've seen fish numbers increase. And the beautiful part of it is we still get to enjoy our land, we still get to enjoy the creek we can still create our walking paths and our picnic areas and our beach areas. And it's still our land and we still get to utilize it any way we like and have it developed into this beautiful reforest, replanted habitat.

Julie Caputo, South Fork Little Butte Creek Project Landowner

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