Stewardship of the Rogue River watershed through restoration, education, and community involvement.

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RRWC is proud to be a member of the Bear Creek Restoration Initiative (BCRI), an active network of organizations with the shared goal to improve conditions in and along Bear Creek. Since its formation in 2018, the BCRI has been focused on the restoration of the lands and waters in the Bear Creek corridor which is integral to community well-being.

Check out the BCRI website to learn about ongoing restoration efforts, meet the working group and supporters, and explore relevant issue papers.

Map of the Rogue River watershed and surrounding watershed councils.

Our region faces challenges that require innovative solutions. Habitat loss, invasive species, stream-side development, and other factors put watershed health at risk. We strive to engage people of all ages and levels of education while working with organizations and landowners to conserve and improve streams and the land that surrounds them. Our work is vital to the community, land, and wildlife in our region because we all depend on water.

Learn About Our Projects

Our projects help create beautiful clean rivers and connect people in southern Oregon to healthy and abundant populations of fish and wildlife.
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Get Involved with Hikes & Events

You have a role to play in helping keep the watershed healthy. Join us at one of our events to learn more and engage with the watershed around you.


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Invest in Watershed Health

Your contributions make a difference. What you give enables us to restore more habitat, further improve water quality, and continue to monitor stream health in our region.

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