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Staff Favorites: Trail Edition

Views from Rogue River Gorge Viewpoint Trail

Our staff includes long time Rogue Valley residents and new faces, giving us a fresh perspective on an important topic: what are the best trails around us? Of course, best may not be the best word, so instead we’ll go with “favorite.” Check out some of our recommendations with links to more information below. 

Sterling Mine Ditch Trail [42.186613, -122.95028]

Staff member favorite: Anna

This trail is located on BLM land near Buncom, Oregon. It’s a relatively flat trail that spans 21 miles along the historic mine ditch, and it was the first trail designated a State Scenic Trail in southern Oregon. It’s a little close to the Upper Applegate Fire footprint, but it can be an excellent late summer/fall trail option!

Oredson Todd [42.167959, -122.676862]

Staff member favorite: Marie

This series combines 3 miles of trails outside Ashland. Oredson-Todd Woods connect to Siskiyou Mountain Park, providing a total of 7 miles of public trails. Check out their website to see a forest ecology StoryMap, plant list, and bird list!

Hobart Bluff [42.085295, -122.481836]

Staff member favorite: John

Another Ashland trail to check out- Hobart Bluff! This 3 mile in-and-out trail has an excellent viewpoint. You can see Mt. Shasta, Ashland, and McLaughlin! It’s a great hike near town (even in the summer if you go early enough in the morning to beat the heat). 

Rogue River Gorge Trail [42.909819, -122.443437]

Staff member favorite: Beth

This trail is a bit of a drive, but the scenery is well worth it. Starting at Rogue Gorge Viewpoint, there is an accessible (paved) path to the gorge where you can watch cascading water and interesting geology. The trail continues south along the Rogue River (as far as you’d like to go, really). Spend the day navigating to Natural Bridge and beyond!

East Applegate Ridge Trail [42.24514, -122.97802]

Staff member favorite: Emily

This Jacksonville-area trail offers beautiful views as you traverse the ridge tops above Poorman and Bishop Creek. Locals may refer to it as the EART, and it is popular to bring a buddy and park a car at both ends for about a 5 mile hike. This one is rated as moderate to difficult.

Middle Fork Trail [42.7249, -122.3022]

Staff member favorite: Brian

This is a long one, but it can be an excellent day hike or backpacking adventure. You can even make it a loop (30 miles!) by linking Alta Lake, Devils Peak, PCT, McKie Camp Trail, and Halifax Trails. It’s a wilderness lovers dream.

Elk Creek Trail [42.691361, -122.732812]

Staff member favorite: Lance

This easy trail features ponds and views of Elk Creek and is very family-friendly. It can be hiked, biked, and run. It’s especially a great hike in the winter (and mud season), but we also enjoy it in the summer for a quick outdoor adventure.

Comment your favorite trail below!



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