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Salt Creek Fish Passage Projects

Over the last eight years, RRWC has focused on improving fish passage in Salt Creek by removing one gravel push-up dam at a time. As a result, the whole creek is now more easily accessible for native fish and other aquatic organisms.


Completed Restoration  Actions


Fish passage barriers removed


Miles of improved stream access


Pieces of large

wood placed



Fish Passage Improvement 
Benefits Farmers and Fish

The Rogue River Basin supports internationally valued salmon and steelhead (salmonid) populations including, Endangered Species Act-listed threatened Coho Salmon. Salt Creek is home to all of these species. Irrigation infrastructure on some agricultural lands can pose a threat to the successful and safe upstream passage of these fishes. Removing fish passage barriers and replacing them with fish-friendly irrigation infrastructure increases irrigation efficiency for agriculture  producers/landowners while also improving native fish access.

In 2017 there were eight dams on Salt Creek. Now, there are zero.



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