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Rogue River Basin Report  Card

The first-ever Rogue River Basin Report Card communicates the value healthy watersheds contribute to communities while also highlighting actions that can be taken by individual community members to address the specific threats facing the Rogue Basin’s diverse ecosystems.

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This report card is socio-environmental, taking into account both the health of the ecosystem (environmental) and its community (societal), both of which are inextricably linked.
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Dive into our analysis of Bear Creek and Little Butte Creek Watersheds. See how these basins measure up:

Report Card Indicators

This report card is made up of indicators, or key aspects, of socio-environmental health that, when analyzed and assessed, provide insight into the condition of the Basin. Indicators were chosen based on available Basinwide data, as well as Basin values and threats. Over the course of report card development, more than 25 potential indicators were explored and considered. The final eight indicators outlined below had appropriate data availability across multiple report card reporting regions and were able to be assessed against a threshold. In future iterations, it is a goal to develop additional indicators to gather a clearer picture of the Basin condition. 


The 2021 Rogue River Basin Report Card includes several indicators within three categories: Water Quality, Salmon & Steelhead, and Communities. The descriptions below shed light on how each indicator provides insight into Basin and community health. 


Consider your impact, be a Basin community steward

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