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Release and Recruit: Recovering the Resiliency of Native Streamside (Riparian) Forests

Streamside (riparian) forests are important for most creeks in southern Oregon. Non-native blackberry and other noxious weeds have displaced the diverse native forests along many waterways.

RRWC has developed a riparian-rehabilitation strategy that is cost-effective and promotes resiliency, because it is focused on letting the locally adapted native-plant community recover on its own by carefully controlling noxious weeds. This technique involves very little, if any, nursery-stock planting, no irrigation infrastructure, and is an accepted method to fulfill Jackson County’s Riparian Ordinance, through a landowner’s Cooperative Agreement with RRWC.

RRWC Restoration Biologist, Lance Wyss, discusses how Release & Recruit works in the full presentation below!


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