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Lovelace Dam Removal

Another dam has been removed in the Rogue Basin. The removal of Lovelace Dam on Slate Creek was possible due to a variety of partners, including M&M Services, the Bureau of Land Management, River Design Group, Rogue Basin Partnership, NOAA Fisheries Restoration Center, OWEB, ODFW, USFW Partners, Resources Legacy Fund, Flyfishers Foundation, and WaterWatch of Oregon. With the removal of this abandoned dam, 26 miles of upstream habitat was opened up to fish and wildlife.

“We do have control over how we treat our rivers.”

The response of the creek following removal was almost immediate, and we could see how the natural processes were beginning to recover. Observers saw fish swimming around their new habitat as the stream moved more freely than it has in the last century. The landowner observed a family of otters and a local bear family, too! Check out the video below to learn more about dam removal and its effects on the natural environment.

Watch the video to see the work in action, including drone footage provided by River Design Group following dam removal.



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