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Why the Rogue?
I have been an Oregonian my whole life and lived in some of the most amazing places in this state. But there is something about the Rogue Valley that captures the best of Oregon; that is quintessential Oregon.

The landscape and ecosystems are beautiful, exceptionally rugged, and unique, and I find the communities of the Rogue Valley to represent those qualities, too. There's an authenticity to it all.

My desire to live and work here is not species-specific but is driven by the uniqueness of the whole basin. I have found this renegade community that feels like home and I love working for the betterment of that community and the ecosystems surrounding it.

John Speece

Project Manager

John began with the Rogue River Watershed Council in August 2018. Most recently, he was the coordinator for the Middle Deschutes Watershed Council and the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program planner for Central Oregon. He holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies from Southern Oregon University and a Master’s Degree in Natural Resources from Oregon State University.


John brings 15 years of experience in natural resources project management, monitoring, and riparian restoration to the Rogue. As a native Oregonian, he appreciates all parts of the state and is happy to have circled back to southern Oregon where he focuses on water quality improvement projects throughout the watershed.

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