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Why the Rogue?
I am a long-time resident of the Rogue Valley. I value the four-season climate in which the Rogue River flows and the resilient nature of its surrounding scenic landscapes. It is a great privilege to offer my skills as my contribution to stewarding the many watersheds that come together into the mighty Rogue River and the place that I call home."

Anna Johnson

Administrative Specialist

Anna has been with the Rogue River Watershed Council since 2016. She has an MBA in accounting from Southern Oregon University, a background in small business administration, and an undergraduate degree in Environmental Biology. Anna grew up in a sailing family in the tiny state of Rhode Island and moved to Colorado in 1979 where she was captain of her high school color guard team, traveled to the Orange Bowl twice with the University of Colorado Buffaloes marching band, and served as an animal control officer relocating bears and porcupines among other wildlife from the downtown streets of Boulder, Colorado.

Anna transplanted to Grants Pass, Oregon in 2004 where she settled down to raise her two boys on a small horse farm. She enjoys her role in administration and finance at the Rogue River Watershed Council and doing her part to contribute to a healthy watershed for the next generation to come. In addition to a lifelong interest in the natural world, Anna enjoys hiking, canoeing, searching for interesting birds in her backyard, and competing in combined driving carriage events with her Shetland pony, Jet.

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