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Coho Strategic Action Plan

We are leading the development of the Upper Rogue Coho Strategic Action Plan in collaboration with 10 strategic partners.

Underwater photograph of Coho Salmon



This is a long-range, strategic plan to implement restoration, conservation, and preservation actions for the threatened population of Coho Salmon in the Upper Rogue River through 2050.

Installation of large wood in side channel with excavator

The Plan's Three-Pronged Goal

Ecosystem Benefits

This is not just about one fish species, however. Actions that will help recover Coho Salmon have so many more benefits to a myriad of plants and animals, water quality and quantity, and the resiliency of aquatic and upland ecosystems. Our collective vision is to foster the value of these iconic fish so today's children's grandchildren will live with them, and steward these shared resources as a common obligation, recognizing how vital it is to our quality of life (work, play, and spirit).

Relief of upland forest

Improved floodplain connection

Elk Creek project from above

Rehabilitated riparian areas

Ground water recharge


Large wood structure with tranquil pool

Featured Project:
Elk Creek River Mile 5.6 

Restoration actions will result in the reconnection of Elk Creek to its floodplain, increased inundation of off-channel habitats, and the creation of complex habitat in three side channels – all leading to improved rearing conditions for juvenile salmonids and improved habitat for several fish and wildlife species.

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