Evans Creek Fish Passage

When: Completed 2015
Where: Evans Creek, a tributary of the Rogue River

Objective: A dam removal project to improve fish passage, open up additional spawning habitat, and improve juvenile fish survival

During July, August, and early September of 2015, Rogue River Watershed Council managed the removal of two dams on Evans creek for Geos Institute.  The Fielder and Wimer Dams were severe impediments to fall Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, summer and winter steelhead, and Pacific Lamprey since their construction over 80 years ago.

Both of these dams were listed by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife as among the top-10 most important fish passage barriers to address in Oregon. Excellent water quality and habitat quality, as well as the amount of habitat available, in upper Evans Creek, West Fork Evans Creek, and several of the smaller tributaries were the primary reasons for the state level priority.

Salmon, steelhead, Pacific Lamprey and other migratory fish can easily swim through the lower 10 miles of Evans Creek on their way to as much as 70 miles of habitat for the first time since the 1930s.  This easy access to such a large amount of cold, clear water will lead to healthier native fish populations.

Wimer Dam before
Wimer Dam after

This project would not have been possible without the funding and support from the following:

Geos Institute