Streams, Creeks, and Tributaries

There are many streams, creeks, and tributaries in the watershed, and each one is important to the overall health of the watershed. We want streams and creeks to have cool, clean water, and remain open for fish to migrate up and downstream as needed.

The streams that we focus our restoration work on are Grave Creek (and its tributaries Wolf and Coyote Creeks), Bear Creek (and its tributaries Wagner, Ashland, and Neil Creeks), Little Butte Creek (including Salt, North Fork Little Butte, South Fork Little Butte, and Dead Indian Creeks), and Elk Creek (and tributaries West Branch Elk, Sugarpine, Hawk, and Bitter Lick Creeks). We have also done work on Gilbert and Jones Creeks in Grants Pass.

Map of the Rogue River watershed and surrounding watershed councils.
The falls on Big Butte Creek
Rogue River near Takelma Gorge








Streams, creeks and tributaries
Streams, Creeks and Tributaries
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