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We are grateful for our partners’ commitment to improving water quality, restoring habitat, and helping to increase fish passage.

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Project Highlight – Elk Creek RM 5.6

Beeson Robison Dam Removal

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Total Raised: $12,465

Total Salmon Miles: 623.25

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Latest Donors:

Dave Grosjacques
Bob & Kim Bath
Paul & Barbara Jackson
Karla Self
Phylis McIntosh
Upper Rogue Terraces – Pete Mazzini
Aquatic Biology Associates, Inc – Bob Wisseman
Diana Glenn Wagner
David Hunter
Bill Meyers
Abigail Eaton
Thom & Ann Idema
Arnie & Terri Klott
Dave & Ginger Wedin
Sandra Place
Dan Delany
Richard & Carla Eaton
Dave Strahan – Week 3 Winner
Betsy Martin
Rachel Werling
Bill & Lena Richardson
Elizabeth Higgs
Virginia Niebuhr
Bev Ducey
Haskell Family Trust
Janice Jones
Madrone Hill Mobile Home Park
Laurel Samson
Paula Trudeau & John Williams
Jacob Kann – Aquatic Ecosystem Sciences LLC
John DeVoe
Craig Harper & Theresa Selvy
Markie Germer
Jennie & Michael Morgan
KenCairn Landscape Architecture
Stewart Reid & Holli Hanalei
Terri Klott
Jones Vocational Associates
Jolyn Williamson
Bela Toledo
Motel Del Rogue – Constance & Kevin Marr
Sonja Nisson
Paul Rickerson – Week 2 Winner
Christopher Kline
Ray & Judi Tharp
Doug Walker
Randy Frick
Sheri Preskenis
Lance Wyss
Terry Ruiter
Linda Piehl & David Schorran – Week 1 Winner
Amie Siedlecki
Christi Siedlecki
Suzanne Lavine
Bob & Gretchen Hunter
Becky Nankivell
Kent & Catherine Dauterman
Jack & Cindy Williams
Stan Dean & Katharine Bronwen
Brian Barr
John F Patterson
Tessa DeLine
Bob Jones
Keith Emerson
Timothy Bolling
Jean Byrne
Eric Dittmer
Christopher Matthews
Don Hamann Inc.