Elk Creek River Mile 5.6

Historic management activities in the area behind the now-incomplete Elk Creek Dam have resulted in largescale modifications to Elk Creek’s mainstem channel and its side-channels, floodplain, and tributaries. Streams had been channelized, large wood had been removed from the active stream channel, riparian forests had been cleared, and riparian areas had been heavily grazed by … Read more »

Aunt Caroline’s Park Riparian Restoration

Indian Creek traces the northern boundary of Aunt Caroline’s Park, a 3.7-acre urban park located in the City of Shady Cove. The community regards Aunt Caroline’s Park as a valuable and beloved feature of the city, yet the stream corridor running along the park was suffering from long-term effects of urbanization. The creek had become … Read more »

Sugarpine Creek Riparian and Habitat Complexity Restoration

Sugarpine Creek is a tributary to Elk Creek and provides spawning and rearing habitat for Coho Salmon, Chinook Salmon, Rainbow Trout/steelhead, and Cutthroat Trout. Stream habitat is not complex on this stream, largely because large downed logs are not present in the stream channel. Dense stands of blackberry along Sugarpine Creek on several properties inhibit … Read more »