Smith-Myer-Roper Fish Passage Improvement

The Smith-Myer-Roper diversion dam presented a major migration impediment for Coho Salmon and Rainbow Trout/steelhead in Ashland Creek, which has the coolest water in the entire Bear Creek watershed. This 2.5-foot-high concrete structure made it difficult for adult fish to reach two miles of valuable spawning habitat, and presented a complete barrier to juvenile fish … Read more »

Wagner Creek Water Quality Improvement Project

The Wagner Creek valley is a highly productive agricultural area that is rapidly being converted from orchards to small-acreage rural residential agriculture. Some management practices have produced conditions (narrow strips of native riparian vegetation, extensive areas of Himalayan blackberries, bare ground, manure concentration) that have reduced water quality and degraded fish habitat in Wagner Creek. … Read more »

Beeson-Robison Fish Passage Improvement

Wagner Creek is one of the most valuable fish-bearing streams in the Bear Creek watershed. Summer and winter steelhead utilize it, and there is strong potential for Coho Salmon to use it as well. The Beeson-Robison diversion dam, a 5.5-foot-tall concrete structure, presented a complete barrier to juvenile fish and impeded upstream migration of adult … Read more »