Little Butte Creek Floodplain Rehabilitation

Little Butte Creek contributes to the seasonal drinking water supply of over 136,000 Rogue valley residents. It is also a priority stream for the recovery of threatened Coho Salmon. Unfortunately, due to land management practices, erosion is high, water quality is low, and Coho Salmon habitat is limited. To alleviate erosion, the steep banks were … Read more »

Salt Creek Fish Passage at River Mile 1.6

Salt Creek is a small stream that meets Little Butte Creek near the community of Lake Creek. Despite its size, it maintains a steady flow of cool water throughout the summer, making it a very good place for cold-water fish like trout and salmon to rear. Unfortunately, nine diversion dams interrupt fish movement along roughly … Read more »

Evans Creek Fish Passage

During July, August, and early September of 2015, Rogue River Watershed Council managed the removal of two dams on Evans creek for Geos Institute.  The Fielder and Wimer Dams were severe impediments to fall Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, summer and winter steelhead, and Pacific Lamprey since their construction over 80 years ago. Both of these dams … Read more »