Outreach and Community Engagement

Healthy watersheds are vital to our communities and natural ecosystems. Rivers, streams, and creeks cover our region, providing irrigation, municipal drinking water, and recreation. For generations, the Rogue River has been a stronghold for native fish on the west coast. Salmon and steelhead return every year to spawn in the Rogue River and its tributaries. Without viable habitat, this important fishery and all that depend upon it would be lost. Clean water and healthy, productive rivers and streams benefit us all.

Community engagement, education, and outreach are a core part of the mission of the Rogue River Watershed Council (RRWC). Through events, publications, hands-on teaching, and one on one conversation, the RRWC works to remind people about the importance of healthy watersheds, how we impact our waterways, and how to minimize our impact when possible.

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Rogue River – World Fish Migration Day

2018 marks the first offering of this new annual RRWC outreach event in Grants Pass. Held along the banks of Gilbert Creek, where RRWC has done restoration work, this springtime event is designed for both youth and adults, with a 5K migratory run (downstream and upstream, of course!); a costumed kids’ dash (with a “fishy” theme!); an outreach fair offering hands-on activities (e.g., nature walks, macroinvertebrate investigations, salmon viewing, fly-tying and casting, Japanese fish printing, watershed jeopardy, AND MORE!) and watershed-related education; and an evening presentation about a special feature of the watershed (Pacific Lamprey for the 2018 lineup!). Please join us as we celebrate the connection between fish, rivers, and people Saturday, 7 April 2018.

Kids & Creeks

This annual RRWC-sponsored event, held in the fall, is a great place for young and old alike to learn about water quality, salmon biology, aquatic insects, and natural resource stewardship in general. Agencies and organizations come from across the watershed to offer hands-on activities that engage individuals in learning more about their local watershed. Fly-tying, fly-casting, salmon dissection, building a stream in a tabletop model…there’s something for everyone! Keep your eye on our September and October calendar to find out when the next Kids & Creeks event is.


Non-RRWC or Co-sponsored Outreach Events

RRWC staff and volunteers routinely participate in various outreach events across the watershed including the Bear Creek Salmon Festival, Siskiyou FilmFest, Living on Your Land, Rogue River Cleanup, Salmon Watch, Frog O’Faire, and Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District’s Forest and Range Day Camp. Here are some photos of RRWC in action:

Larson Creek Sign (2015)

With the completion of two fish passage barrier removal projects along Larson Creek in the summer of 2014, the watershed council staff began working on two signs to be placed at the project sites. The Oregon Federation of Fly Fishers funded the project to design and install the signs. With help from the Rural Conservationist at Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District in developing a GIS map, the sign was completed in May 2015 and installed the same month. The signs now sit next to the creek at both sites, allowing pedestrians to stop and read about these and other fish passage projects along Larson Creek.

Ellendale Drive

Larson Creek at Ellendale Drive

Black Oak Drive

Larson Creek at Black Oak Drive