Brian BarrBrian Barr – Executive Director
Brian Barr is a Chicago native that firmly believes Chicago is a good place to be from. He arrived in the Rogue Valley in 2001 after stops in Ohio, Virginia, Idaho, and Portland.
In 2019, Brian will have worked half of his life on the Rogue. He is most passionate about native fish conservation and has subjected people all over the United States, Mexico, and India to his enthusiasm on this topic. From his perspective, few things compare to watching native fish use pristine habitat (although native fish using restored habitat is pretty exciting, too).
He is very proud of his daughter (studying Transportation Design at Lawrence Technological Institute in Michigan), his wife (who recently started a consulting firm to site renewable energy and affordable housing developments), and the Great Greys (a competitive birding team in Jackson County, Oregon to which he sometimes contributes).

Anna Johnson – Administrative Specialist
Anna has been with the Rogue River Watershed Council since 2016. She has a background in small business administration and an education in Environmental Biology. She grew up in a sailing family in the tiny state of Rhode Island and moved to Colorado in 1979 where she was captain of her high school color guard team, traveled to the Orange Bowl twice with the University of Colorado Buffaloes marching band, and served as an animal control officer relocating bears and porcupines among other wildlife from the downtown streets of Boulder, Colorado.
Anna transplanted to Grants Pass, Oregon in 2004 where she settled down to raise her two boys on a small horse farm. She enjoys her role in administration and finance at the Rogue River Watershed Council and doing her part to contribute to a healthy watershed for the next generation to come. In addition to a lifelong interest in the natural world, Anna enjoys hiking, canoeing, searching for interesting birds in her backyard and competing in combined driving carriage events with her Shetland pony, Jet.

Donna ChickeringProgram Manager
Coming to work for the Rogue River Watershed Council in 2015 was a return to home, of sorts, for Donna, as she was the first coordinator of the Middle Rogue Watershed Council from 2000 to 2004.
As RRWC’s outreach program manager, Donna is in charge of most of our written communication projects (e.g., newsletter, friends’ update) and the go-to person for representing RRWC at various education and outreach events across our region.
Donna has spent all of her professional tenure working in the world of academia or non-profits, primarily focused on the human dimension side of natural resource management, rural community development, and organizational development.

Alexis Larsen – Project Manager
Alexis joined the watershed council in February 2017 after working in salmon habitat restoration on the southern Oregon coast for the Coos Watershed Association for 3.5 years. She holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Kansas and an M.S. in Ecology from Oregon State University. Alexis brings 9 years of plant ecology and invasive species experience and 4 years of habitat restoration experience to the Rogue River Watershed Council. She loves restoring riparian areas and fish passage and loves having a career that gets her outside. She has worked for the Student Conservation Association, the Institute for Applied Ecology, and the Oregon Department of Agriculture and is excited to bring her watershed experience from the coast to the Rogue Valley. Alexis has been a resident of Oregon for almost 10 years and loves everything this state has to offer from the coast to the mountains to the desert. When not working, you can find Alexis exploring the valley, drinking wine or coffee on her porch with a good book, or finding a new recipe to try. Alexis focuses mainly on fish passage improvement in the Rogue Valley through small dam removal but she also manages some floodplain connection and streamside forest restoration projects.

John Speece – Project Manager
John began with the Rogue River Watershed Council in August 2018. Most recently, he was the coordinator for the Middle Deschutes Watershed Council and the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program planner for Central Oregon. He holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies from Southern Oregon University and a Masters Degree in Natural Resources from Oregon State University. John brings 15 years of experience in natural resources project management, monitoring, and riparian restoration to the Rogue. As a native Oregonian, he appreciates all parts of the state and is happy to have circled back to Southern Oregon where he focuses on water quality improvement projects throughout the watershed.